Content is important part of SEO. In competitive environment of websites, it is your most efficient tool. Pages with big amount of content are often well positioned. Thereby with existing competition quantity is not enough. Quality is the key.

How exactly content improves your positioning and traffic?

People nowadays browser internet mainly seeking knowledge or a product. Your task is to offer them both. Whenever they want to know something about your industry or buy related product, they will end up on your website. 

Besides content is perfect for marketing, it can even convert viewer into customer so you should really focus on creating content that will present you as an expert in the field.

Your goal should be to be viewed as authority in the sector. You need to have informative articles that offers something to the viewer in the first place. Thanks to that you will build positive and trustworthy brand image and improve your positioning.

Other authors might reference your content which is natural way of link building. Quality articles are shared commonly and often become major source of knowledge about the industry.

At this point it is obvious that without quality content, you can’t really rank higher in Google rankings. Below we prepared a few tips which can help you write the content that transforms into investment.

How to write valuable content?

Valuable content increases your traffic and positioning in Google. While writing, there are some principals to which you should stick at all times if you want to produce quality content.

  1. Write for the people. Without this principal your content is a waste of time and money. Content is useless without people that will read it that’s why this should be your main focus.

You need to offer the readers content that will be valuable to them. It needs to offer something: knowledge, entertainment or solution. Quality content has a high chance of being shared or referenced, which encourage Google to position it higher.

Focus on your target market, think what they need to know, research their behavior and adjust your content to their needs.


  1. Catch their attention. Your content should attract with its title and keep on site with the content. Keep in mind that the time user spends on your website is important factor for your page positioning.

In order to keep readers entertained on your website, you need to encourage them to click on it in the first place. Titles and meta descriptions are very important. They need to be catchy and stand out from the rest.

It is proven that people are attracted to titles with numbers. As an example, there is a big difference in titles:

“Why sport is beneficial for you”


 “10 reasons to do sport which will leave you with no excuses”

Majority of viewers would choose the second one. Your title needs to stand out in order to be clicked in the first place. Pay attention to meta descriptions, they might be the deciding factor in case of similar titles. Try to write them as catchy as possible and include there your key words.

If viewer already is at your website, you should do everything to keep him there as long as possible. Reference other articles from your website, post some video, statistics or photographs. The moment in which the user is getting bored is the moment you lost him.

  1. Offer solution. It was mentioned in the point 1, but it is really important to outline it due to advantage that featured snippets offers us. Research what are the questions people have about your sector. Provide them with answers in form of FAQ or implement them in your content.

It is a good idea to create content based on most common questions people may have. It gives you advantage especially if you have very strong competition. 

Maybe you cannot outrank all your competitors in case of keywords, but you can try to win with them using featured snippets. In your answers provide clear data, often various lists are in favor.

  1. Keep it tidy. Your content should be structured and easy to read. Long blocks of text are overwhelming and discourage user form reading it. Keep your paragraphs short, 3 – 4 sentences in one are enough.

These 4 tricks might seem obvious but in fact many editors are not aware of them or simply underestimate their importance. Therefore, these pillars are absolute must have for any text written to increase traffic. 

Competition is big and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. If you need quality content for your website, it’s your best bet to trust professionals. In Marketister we create highest quality content and handle all SEO issues your company may have along with digital marketing. We are confident in our skills and ability to take your business to another level! Trust us we have done it before.

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