Tyr Secops

Case Studies

To help our customers and their family’s be safe, happy and productive.

James and Joanna have a young family including a five year old, a two year old and two cats, Ginger and Maisy. They are planning their first big trip to visit family overseas since they had children.

James and Joanna both work from home. They are expecting deliveries to arrive while they are away. Additionally, prior to having children, the cats would go to the cattery. Now, with children the cattery is another expense that they would prefer not to pay.

What can James and Joanna do to make their trip more manageable? Reach out to Tyr SecOps! With Tyr Home Protection, James and Joanna will have their very own personal guard (John) who will look after their home while they are way. John will meet with James and Joanna to understand their requirements and get a set of keys. Once James and Joanna leave for their trip, John will visit their home daily. John will complete a number of tasks for the family, including:

  1. Checking the doors and windows are secure.
  2. Ensuring there is no damage to the yard.
  3. Bring any deliveries into the home.
  4. Water the plants in the house.
  5. Provide food and water to Ginger and Maisy.

As John works through his tasks he will complete a checklist (with pictures) which is uploaded to a website accessible to James and Joanna. This way James and Joanna can be sure that their home is secure. Additionally, it is encouraged that as needs arise, James and Joanna reach out to John to let him know about their requirements.

When James and Joanna return from their trip, their keys will be left in a secure home.