4 principles of SEO content that improves your traffic

Content is important part of SEO. In competitive environment of websites, it is your most efficient tool. Pages with big amount of content are often well positioned. Thereby with existing competition quantity is not enough. Quality is the key. How exactly content improves your positioning and traffic? People nowadays browser internet mainly seeking knowledge or […]


We live in an era of globalization and one might think that SEO is the same in every place of the world. While it is getting more similar and one approach can work well in many markets, there are still some differences and what comes with that – opportunities.  In this article we will have […]

What is SEO and how it benefits your company?

Are you trying to enter the online market?  Gain visibility, authority and traffic that will boost your sales? In this article you will learn more about the best way to achieve it – SEO.  SEO – Search Engine Optimization is in simple words a process of optimizing your website on multiple levels which will cause […]

How to conduct key words research using Google Trends.

Key words are pillar of SEO. Without them even the best positioning strategy would fail. There are plenty of websites, using plenty of key words and one might think that they are useless as every company in his sector is already using the same ones. Fortunately, there is a solution. It is key words research, […]