Key words are pillar of SEO. Without them even the best positioning strategy would fail. There are plenty of websites, using plenty of key words and one might think that they are useless as every company in his sector is already using the same ones. Fortunately, there is a solution. It is key words research, which you can do using completely free tool – Google Trends.

Find your dream customer

In order to reach our target audience and introduce our product to them we need to have an idea who they are. We need to create Buyer Persona. Buyer Persona is fictional representation of your ideal customer. We create it by researching market, customers behavior and motives that leads to purchase. We should include demographic and geographic data depending on market we are targeting. 

When our Buyer Persona is ready, we can start using Google Trends and find out what kind of key words are relevant. Let´s say that our company sells hiking shoes in Arizona. In this case we would look for key words related to hiking, outdoors and shoes, that are recently most popular in Arizona. We gather all of them and then have a look at our competition. Which one are they using, is there any that they are missing, can we use any that will give us advantage over them? Seize every opportunity that exist in your sector.

Delivering the answers

While analyzing Google Trends we can see what kind of questions are most commonly asked about given topic. Then on our company website we can implement an FAQ or blog posts which will answer all these questions in a way that gives us chance to appear in Google Snippets, boosting our traffic and positioning significantly. We can also develop some valuable key words for our website, based on observation of the most common question customers may have.

Update your approach

One of the biggest challenges in the modern market is its dynamic. It can change totally in no time leaving those who cannot adapt behind. This trait, that for some is a serious threat, for others might create opportunity to outrun competition in the race of market domination. Google trends allows you to monitor most recent keywords that are gaining popularity. If you see a stable growth that’s likely to stay over some time, you can implement these keywords into your website and gain big share of sector’s views. This way you can spot every opportunity and take advantage of it.

Get ready

Google trends allow you to see months or days of the year, during which keywords related to your services are most popular. You can prepare for this moment, launch marketing campaigns, special offers, discounts, implement some new keywords and position your website as good as possible to benefit form these moments to the greatest extend possible. You can also benefit from different holidays, for example create content for Christmas or International Women’s Day in which you can implement keywords related to your business and generate more traffic.

Go Global

When you succeed in your domestic market, you might be tempted to expand abroad. It most certainly can generate great profit and strengthen your brand, but it is not free from risk. Thereby in order to expand and benefit, one should do very careful research in order to identify opportunities and threats of new market. Google Trends can help you identify market that is most eager to pay for your product or services. You can see in which country or region, keywords related to your enterprise are the most popular. You can also see what kind of keywords residents of this country use while looking for your product and implement them on your website. If you are looking for market with little competition in your sector, you can first do research and find some markets that fulfill this requirement. Later you would choose from them the one that most commonly look for your products or services online and after careful research of all other factors that influence risk of expanding abroad you can finally make your decision.

More than just keywords

As you can see, such a simple and free to use tool can deliver to you some valuable research data. Proper research of key words might contribute greatly to performance of your company but if it’s not followed by effective and professional SEO strategy it might just not be enough to stand out from huge competition. Why not benefit from advantages that proper researched key words and SEO strategy can give you. Combined together they can be your company major success factor. Don´t risk overlooking any opportunity and let the professionals handle it all for you. In Marketister we are confident in our ability to take your business to another level and increase your sales. Trust us, we have done it before.

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