Are you trying to enter the online market?  Gain visibility, authority and traffic that will boost your sales? In this article you will learn more about the best way to achieve it – SEO. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is in simple words a process of optimizing your website on multiple levels which will cause it to be positioned higher in search engines and appear more attractive for potential clients, thus generating more sales.

Nowadays majority of people look for products and services online so the importance of SEO for every enterprise’s website is greater than ever. If done properly it can become a major success factor for your company. The best way to ensure that our SEO is done well and is giving us advantage over our competition is to hire professionals.


SEO in details

SEO consists of 3 main pillars: SEO On-page, SEO Off-page, Technical SEO. 

All of them combined together improve positioning of your website, generate higher traffic and improve image of your company. It covers not only technical optimization of your page but also marketing, social media strategies and multiple other factors that contribute to increase in sales. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Technical SEO

Every existing website is constantly monitored by Google bots called “spiders”. They “crawl” through the web pages and collect information about them. Later they use this information to decide which websites should be positioned first. Some of the most important factors that influence their decision are:

  • Strength and relevancy of incoming links to your website – in this case SEO team uses link management strategies which consists of redirections of non-existing websites, fixing broken links, management of internal and external links and improvement of their authority.
  • Engagement metrics such as CTR (click-through rate) from search results to your page and the amount of time users spend on your website – strategy in this case would focus on research and creation of relevant key words, creation of engaging content and attractive meta description/ title in order to attract as many traffic as possible and to keep visitors on your website as long as possible.
  • Website loading speed and mobile usability – SEO team would optimize the website to different devices and improve loading speed which influences user’s experience thereby increasing effectiveness of point two.
  • Content quality and relevancy – SEO strategy involves researching most popular key words related to your services and creation of attractive content connected to them which increases the traffic. Longer and more informative content tends to be placed higher in Google positioning rankings.

Technical SEO covers also other issues such as security, redirects, indexing and general site architecture. All of these strategies make sure that your website send quality information to the google bots so they can position it as one of the first results.

SEO On-page

SEO On-page consists of actions undertaken to optimize your page in a way that help bots understand the content and that provide great user experience. In fact, majority of Technical SEO is part of SEO On-page as it refers to every actionundertaken directly on your website.  The main tasks handled by SEO On-page strategies are:

Creation of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions – the team would inspect relevant key words and include them in attractive Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions of your website.

Content creation – Specialized editor would create articles for your website´s blog, they would consist of relevant key words and cover topics related to the services of your company so you can attract even more customers. Content that already exists on your website can be optimized in case of length, key words and relevance or design. Engaging and informative content influences the time a user spends on your website which is proven to impact positioning of your website.

Key words research – Key words are such important part of SEO that they are researched and examined very carefully. SEO team would pick key words that are popular among your target audience and that encourage Google bots to position your website higher in the rankings.

Website design and development – Web developer can design your website so it’s clearer and more convenient to use, thereby users might visit it more often and stay there longer which will influence not only positioning of your website but also sales of your company.

Website technical optimization – the team of technics will look into all technical issues your website may have, this includes majority of Technical SEO, updating PHP version of the server, plugins, creation of friendly URLs and robot. txt files, copyright updates, indexation etc.

SEO Off-page

SEO Off-page is as important as other pillars of the SEO, it is mainly about marketing and link building, thereby crucial for attracting customers. Marketing itself will help your company get more links naturally. 

Link Building the main pillar of Off-page SEO work is in short all about getting links from other websites, that leads to your website. It can generate plenty of organic traffic and provide you with stable positioning in a long term. Having good content and many links on your website will make it “link worthy” in the future.

Management of Social Media is another strategy used by SEO Off-page teams. Posting your company content on social media will generate more traffic. Every time somebody share your website in social media it gets higher authority which encourage Google bots to position it higher in the rankings. These days many customers treat social media as a way to contact your company, ask questions or report any problems. It is important to manage them well in order to gain trust of your clients and establish a solid brand.

Monitoring of your competition is also important part of SEO Off-page work. You can see what key words they are using, if they marketing campaigns are effective, what strategies do they use. You can also see what they are lacking, implement it into your website and dominate the sector. Nowadays everything happens on the internet so don’t ignore the advantage that SEO work can give you.

SEO companies might also write articles about your enterprise on their own web pages which will include links leading to yours. They also handle all Google laws, so your website won’t be penalized in any way.

Local SEO

Local SEO is very efficient way to maximize your sales. If you have a local business such as restaurant, shop or car service, you might want to dominate your local market. Some recent data highlights the importance of SEO especially for local enterprises. 

  • 46% of searches looks for local information
  • 18% of local searches led to a purchase within a day
  • 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.
  • By using location-based coupons on mobile can lead to a 9916% increase in incremental mobile revenue.
  • 28% of local searches become purchases

SEO can ensure that you benefit from this local market properties to the greatest extend possible. Let’s assume that you have a restaurant. When people will look for restaurants in your city, your enterprise will be one of the first results, visible on google maps, with link to your website and customer reviews. This is enough to convince anybody to visit your website and your business which can very possibly lead to a purchase. At this point it is obvious that SEO gives you an advantage that simply cannot be ignored.

Don’t risk not benefiting from the full potential SEO can offer your company, hire professionals from Marketister and let us handle every aspect of it. Together we can take your business to another level. 

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