Tyr Secops


Our motto is ‘360 Degree Protection’. That is, we can protect you, your family and your home.

All our personal protectors hold a Certificate of Authority issued by the Government of New Zealand. Our protectors are also trained in conflict management, de-escalation and self-defence.

Consider our protectors as a trusted set of hands, professionals who you can count on during good times and bad.

We value your privacy, discretion is guaranteed.

If you have a custom requirement, talk to one of our professionals to see how we can.

Tyr Personal

Personal protection can take many forms.
  • Examples of "protecting the person" include:

    Walking you to your car at night.
    Escort at events and in public.
    Executive protection.
    De-escalating conflict situations.
    Protect against stalking and harassment.
  • Examples of "protecting the family" include:

    Helping enforce orders of the family court.
    Chaperoning children (14 years plus).

Tyr Home

Simply, keeping your home safe.
  • Examples of Tyr Home Protection services include:

    Security patrols for your home and property.
    Protect home and pets while you are away.
    House sitting.
    Response team.
    Serve trespass notices.
    Remove trespassers from your property.

Tyr Security Training

Our experienced trainers can provide bespoke training to meet your requirements.
  • Common examples of training include:

    Certificate of Approval
    Self-defence for security professionals.
    Self-defence for women and girls.
    Security awareness and the law for civilians.