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Tyr SecOps is in the business of personal protection. Our focus is providing excellent service to help protect people, their family and their homes. As protectors we have a very intimate relationship with our clients which requires a very high level of trust.

Tyr SecOps is looking for security professionals who are passionate about their profession.

All prospective protectors must hold at least one certification in the fields of:

  • Executive protection 
  • Close protection

If you do not have an executive protection or close protection certification, please email info@tyrsecops.co.nz and we will provided you with a few options.

Additionally, if you have not read Tyr SecOps’ Mission and Values, please take a moment and do so. They provide the foundation for what we expect from our team. If our values do not align with your values we may not be the right fit for you. If our values do align with your values we are excited to make your acquaintance!

The primary benefit of working with Tyr SecOps is our training. Examples of our training include:

  • Self-defence for personal protection specialists
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Working as a team
  • Comprehensive understanding of the law:
    • The Crimes Act 1961
    • The Summary Offences Act 1981
    • The Trespass Act 1981

The training we provide will help you become the best security professional you can be.

Our protectors are contractors. You run your own business. Working with Tyr SecOps will be a secondary or tertiary job. Tyr SecOps is a vehicle to help you grow and make some additional income.

If you are interested in meeting some great people and taking your security career to the next level, please click on the “Enroll Here” button.

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